Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 1 - Soap Lake, WA

The first day was spent at Soap Lake RV Resort in Soap Lake, WA. We spent the time getting acquainted with the other members on the trip and receiving our instructions for the trip and for our first day on the road.

Day 2 - Travel to Oliver, BC
The next day we left at varying times to head for Oliver, B.C. The main stop along the way was Dry Falls State Park.

This is a very small area of the Dry Falls which was created by a great flood that occurred during the last ice age. The falls was over 20 miles long and hundreds of feet high, dwarfing any of the current falls in the world. This was the only real attraction along the route to Oliver; unless of course you count the last WalMart in the states, where many of us stopped to complete our last minute shopping.

This was our next stop was the Desert Gem RV Resort in Oliver, B.C. The local airport is next to the RV park and we were treated to a demonstration of a student practicing hovering and landing in a helicopter right next to the park.
Day 3 - Oliver, BC

On Day 3 we boarded a bus that took us to three winery's and a fruit stand. This valley is the premier wine making area in Canada. There are over 70 winery's in the valley and unfortunately, we did not have time to visit all of them. But we were able to visit three of them.

The first was the Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery. An estate winery grows all their own grapes, so they have more control over the final product they produce. We received a very extensive presentation by one of the Gehringer brothers.

The stainless steel barrels they used to process the wine were very impressive. After the tour we were treated to a wonderful wine tasting. Most of us purchased wine here.

Then it was onto the Silver Sage winery. It is run by two sisters who produce a wonder selection of wines. The woman owner of the winery was really a hoot! She had a wonderful sense of humor and she had the best selection of wines among the three winery's we visited. Her husband died in 2002 before they were in full operation, so she, with the help of her sister, developed into what it is today.

The grounds of the Silver Sage Winery were just wonderful. She had many types of roses growing around the property. The reason for the roses is her husband never let a week go by that he did not bring her a bouquet of roses.

Our next stop was a fruit and vegetable stand where most of us restocked some of the fruit and vegetables that were confiscated at the border.
The last winery we visited was Desert Hills Estate Winery. It had 4 wines to taste and none of them were to my liking. Evidently, most people agreed because they only sold one bottle.
Day 4 to Canyon Springs Resort

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