Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 13 - Fort Nelson, BC
The day started out crisp and clean in somewhat rolling hills. But by mid-trip it changed to rolling hills with short pine trees.
Our first stop was at the Honey Place where they have the largest clear hive in the country. They didn't have a lot of things to sell, but we did buy some Blueberry Honey and it is delicious.
We all experienced many windshield collisions with the winged insect population of the area. We all spent a good amount of time that evening cleaning the fronts of our rigs. It didn't seem like we had gone up very much, but we did have to go to low gear for this long haul down hill.
Most of us arrived in the Fort Nelson RV Park in early afternoon. The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum was an included stop on our itinerary so many of us went over there to check it out.
Talk about a collectors dream. Just about anything that had been used in the Fort Nelson area over the last 70 years was on display. This is an engine from a C-119 that crashed on take off from the local airport.
This is really one of the first snow machines made. I don't know the make but it is a 1949 model. Inside the museum there was memorabilia of every type you could think of. This is just one small corner.
This 1927 Chevrolet 1 ton bus was being prepared to drive in the Canada Day celebration scheduled for the following day.
I particularly liked the seating in the bus. The garage was filled with old vehicles.
That evening we had the driver's meeting in the campground recreation center. Many of us stayed to play cards or dominoes after the meeting. Charlie Marecle & Minnie Proctor are autographing the sign we'll be leaving at the sign forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory on Day 15.
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