Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 14 - Liard Hot Springs, BC
As we were leaving Fort Nelson this morning we saw this moose eating along side of the road. As soon as we stopped, she immediately ran to the fence and put herself between us and her calf. Just after I took the picture above, she turned and started running toward our motorhome. I decided it was best we not irritate her any more so we pulled out, only to watch her chase us away by running along side of us. Now that was one gutsy moose.
This was another ooooh, aaaah day. Here we see the Canadian Rockies off in the distance and the road grades are starting to get steeper and longer. If you were curious about what the condition of the AlCan highway., the next few shots are of various sections of the road. Today we had quite a variation of pavements, widths, and textures.
  This is an all gravel section where they are replacing a bridge.
The road was full width, with a few pull offs. But in this section there were no shoulders to speak of. There is a pair of stone sheep on the left shoulder.
And here they are close up. Dave and Sharon are getting some close up shots of this small band of sheep.
The Toad River Lodge seemed to be a "must stop". They have over 8,000 hats hung on the ceilings and walls. We didn't partake in any food, but those who did, said it was very good.
The four pictures above are of Muncho Lake. The lake is seven miles long and a mile wide. We stopped at a number of pullouts because each one was more spectacular than the last.
We had many Stone Sheep sightings today. The little one on the left seems to be shouting at mom to "wait for meeeee" and the ram above is strutting his stuff.
We arrived at the RV park about 2:00 PM. No, this is not the office, but the buildings have been here for a long time. Now here is a guy who carries his toys with him; two waverunners, a 4-wheeler, two dirt bikes and a little SUV.
A short walk across the road brought us to Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park and the start of short walk to the hot springs. We had to walk on a boardwalk over hot water soil to get to the outdoor hot springs.
Along the boardwalk there was a variety of small flowers peeking out from the underbrush. They may go unnoticed unless you are looking for them. These are just a few that caught my eye.
There is an upper pool which is extremely hot and a lower pool where the water cools off and is very tolerable. The above two pictures were taken the following morning, which accounts for the steam coming from the pools.
Each pool has boardwalks on one side and steps leading down into them. Susan Shallbetter is enjoying the waterfall between the upper and lower pools. Rocky & Mary McEwan and Frank Cotton are enjoying the water in the lower pool.
The top of the upper pool has a wonderful little grotto where the water falls into the pool. I couldn't help but notice how Ed Rzepka resembled a big butterfly, a REALLY BIG butterfly. OK, OK the hot water was starting to cloud my judgment.
At 4:00 PM we got together for a social and magically, food and goodies appear.
After social hour, many of us walked to the restaurant next to the RV park for dinner. It may not have been a quiet dinner, but it was tasty and we did have fun.
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