Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 15 - Watson Lake, Yukon Territory
We had rain showers last night and the droplets were still on the leaves in the the morning.
We started another day seeing a mother moose and her calf. At one of the turnouts, this black bear strolled up to within 50 feet of our motorhome and just munched away.
I must have taken 2 dozen photos of him, so it was difficult to determine which pictures to include on the website. Notice the paw in the right photo as he/she pulls the shrub into it's mouth.
These are two views of the Liard River from vantage points next to a large turnout above the river.
We finally made it into the Yukon, stopping at Watson Lake for the evening. Congratulations to Bob and Nancy Andrews on their 48th wedding anniversary!!
After the driver's meeting, we all went to the Sign Post Forest to install our Caravan's sign. This is a really unbelievable array of signs. Many of them are actual city signs that were probably the result of midnight acquisitions.
Our sign was made by Carol Buck, and Carmen & Lynne Arigema Dave Wilson bravely volunteered to install it high on a post near the road.
Bill and Susan Shallbetter found a sign that had been placed there by Bill's brother and his wife in 1997. That evening we were treated to a wonderful show called "Northern Lights Photo Symphony".
On the way to the Sign Forest, Ed Rzepka had seen this two story RV under construction, so we drove back to look at it. Who needs slide-outs when you have a two story RV?
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