Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 41 - Kenai, AK
Hurray! We have another sunny day. Susan and I drove up to Skyline Drive and I took this panoramic shot looking out over Kachemak Bay. The Homer Spit is on the left of the picture. The white flowers in the foreground are cow parsnips.
We had one last walk on the beach before we left the campground in Homer. This is Mount Redoubt, one of the active volcanoes across the Cook Inlet.
We arrived at the Diamond M Ranch RV Park in early afternoon. This is the lower (overflow) area where many of us parked. We did have water, electric and WIFI. They have a very interesting office building. Each of these five storefronts represent a turn-of-the-century building in Alaska.
After restocking at Safeway, we visited the Visitor Center to find out what we should not miss in town. We were told to go to the beach and see the "Combat" fish netting taking place down there. After parking, we walked by the Kenai Beach Dunes. The roots of the grasses that grow here are resistant to erosion and help protect the Kenai River estuary.
We passed these nets as we walked to the beach. They are about 4 feet in diameter. It was late in the day, so we assumed a number of fisherman had already left. They hold the nets out into the water, perpendicular to the bottom so the fish can swim into them. No skill involved, just patience and luck.
This fisherman drags his fish laden net onshore. They hit the fish on the head with a bat to kill them and then take the fish out of the net.
Our proud fisherman shows off his trophy. Many of the fisherman clean their catch on the beach and throw the remains to the gulls who make quick meals out of the remains.
This evening the campground owners put on a Smore cooking event for us. A smore is a cooked marshmallow placed on a piece of Hershey bar and squeezed between two graham crackers. Hmmmm Goooood! Dave is flanked by the two Susan's as they try to get their marshmallows in just the right location in the coals.
Phil Schaaf was very proud of his marshmallow cooking prowess. He very patiently and carefully, slowed cooked them over just the right part of the fire. Here is Phil's perfectly cooked marshmallow. It is lightly browned on the outside and gooey all the way through.
Good job Phil!
Spence Schaaf didn't have any trouble eating a Smore... However, when Sharon Wilson tried to get Spence to try a local delicacy, a cooked puff ball, he refused to try it. A puff ball looks like an egg and feels like a mushroom. According to Sharon and Susan Shallbetter, they were quite tasty; but Spence will never know.....
After the feast, we were prompted to tell how we met each other. Some very amusing stories came out of this evening. Here Jill tells how she and Clint met. We were invited up to the office to enjoy a movie on their widescreen TV. But on the way we saw this strange fish hanging on the wall. Horns and fur; you need to come up with your own name for this beast.
The movie we saw was "The Ultimate Gift". It was a very heart warming story which we all enjoyed very much. There was hardly a dry eye in the bunch. It was 10:30 PM when we finished the movie and the sun had not set yet. It was still behind the upper cloud layer, but it was still a beautiful sight.
Days 42 - 43 in Palmer, AK

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