Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Days 49 - 50 - 51 - 52 in Skagway, AK
We were blessed with another beautiful day. However, road construction is still in process. We had to wait about 20 minutes at this stop. Once we got past this, the road was much better than yesterday.
The Canyon Creek bridge which is undergoing renovation. It was built in 1902 and was used until 1922 when it was rebuilt by a company from Burwash and used into the late 1940s.
We walked back to the deserted town of Robinson. It was a flag station on the White Pass and Yukon Route. The railway was built in the days of the Klondike gold rush to connect Skagway with Whitehorse. This section of the railway, from Carcross to White horse, was built in the winter of 1899-1900.
Emerald Lake caught our attention. The water color changes from a turquoise at the shore to a deep blue in the center.
The Carcross Desert, affectionately known as the smallest desert in the world. This area was originally covered by a large glacial lake. As the glaciers retreated, causing lower water levels, sandy lake bottom material was left behind. Strong prevailing winds from lake bennett have constantly worked this sand making it difficult for vegetation to become established.
We drove back to the town of Carcross. It became a stopping place for gold stampeders on their way to the Klondike goldfields. It was a major stop on the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad from 1900 until 1982, when the railroad ceased through train service.
Tom Wentling is trying his skills at "rail walking" on the rail line going through Carcross. Carcross is situated on the shore of Lake Bennett.
The Matthew Watson General Store in Carcross. Walk inside and walk back 100 years. Except for the merchandise, you would swear you were in a different century.
In the middle of the picture is Bove Island on the Yukon River. As we drove closer to Skagway, the weather turned cooler and became overcast.
The Alaska welcome sign. Jerry Fox and Barbara Norkoski are crossing a bridge on the steep downhill run to Skagway.
Downtown Skagway with four cruise ships in harbor Tonight we were treated to some mock "gambling" and a "Days of '98 Show".
We were given a fake $1,000 bill which we exchanged for chips. Poker on the left and Black Jack on the right, were just two of the five choices for the evening. The player who won the most "money" was given a special gift.
The show started with a singer / poet who entertained us for about 15 minutes. He was very good. Cathy Mulkins was the big winner at Mock Gambling, multiplying her $1000 to over $144,000. Way to go Cathy!
However, I think Dave Wilson was the big winner when he was chosen to take part in the play.
Today is Lynne Arigema's birthday so she was chosen to come on stage to be a Can-Can Girl. They needed one more Can-Can Girl, so Madi Schaaf was asked to join them. The two ladies did an excelent job at the high kicking dance.
The outside of the theater after the show. Downtown Skagway at 9:30 PM after the cruise ships left the harbor.
Day 50 in Skagway, AK
Today was a free day for us, so many of us did what the cruise ship passengers do; SHOP TILL YOU DROP.
Susan and I took a guided tour of Skagway first thing this morning given by a national park ranger. We toured the accurately restored Mascot Saloon, circa 1900.
These are homes that Captain William Moore built. He was one of the first residents of Skagway and was farsighted enough to homestead most of what is now the city of Skagway. He divided out the town into lots and improved the wharf waiting for the miners to come to town. Unfortunately, when they did come to town they just put up tents and built their homes and businesses without regard to his claims. He took the city of Skagway to court and in 1901 he won his case. Unfortunately, most of the people who owed him money had already left town.
You can tour town in one of these restored tour buses or by horse drawn carriage,
or by this beautifully restored 1940's era Cadillac. We were told there was some good bear watching over by the city of Dyea, which was the port used by miners using the Chilkoot trail to reach the gold fields in Dawson City.This is Taiya Inlet that leads to Dyea.
We were successful in spotting this huge grizzly bear munching on grass by a small stream We were able to watch him for about 15 minutes before he wandered into the woods.
Two pictures of the Taiya Inlet about 7:30 PM.
Tonight at 8:00 PM we met at the Red Onion Saloon for some good times and a couple of brews.
A panoramic view of Skagway, AK with cruise ships in port.
Days 51 - 52 in Skagway, AK

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