Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 5 Travel from Canyon Hot Springs to Canmore, AB
The morning was misty and wet from the previous evenings rain. Many of us were up early and leaving by 9:00 AM. Getting up is fairly easy since it gets light around 4:30 AM. This is another day of ooohs and aaaahs as we turn each corner, another fabulous view comes into sight.
The road in BC had a number of avalanche tunnels to protect the highways in the winter. As you can see they are very solidly constructed, however, the downhill side does let light in.
The clouds had not lifted by the time we reached Rogers Pass Summit. I'll let you do the math on the elevation.
We saw these signs warning us of caribou crossing; but all we saw were sheep.
We were told not to miss the Spiral Tunnels for the Canadian Pacific trains at Kicking Horse Pass. The trains actually go through a circular tunnel to change directions so the route up and down the pass is not so steep.
I'm not sure you can see the "You are here" which is about 1:00 from the center of the picture. The dotted lines depict the tunnel the trains go through. Here you can see the blue engine approaching the tunnel.
Here the engine is coming out of the upper tunnel while the rear of the train has not yet entered the lower entrance. The blue engine is on the track at the bottom of the picture, while the rest of the train is still coming out of the upper tunnel.
There are fences that appear to be about 8 feet tall, all along the new highway, so at intervals, they have these wildlife bridges to allow the animals to cross. They have varied grass and rock terrain to look like a normal hill.
Once we arrived in Canmore, we were treated to this spectacular view from the Spring Creek RV Campground. WOW!!
That evening we were treated to dinner and a play at the Oh Canada, Eh! dinner theater. The wait staff also perform in the show. Here she is giving her tables info on what is going to happen and how we should react.
During the show, our wagon masters, Sue and Phil Schaff were given (well deserved) special awards.
Here are the six players singing one of the skits The dance hall floozy is taking a liking to Ronnie Poole, while his wife Rebecca looks on with concern.
However, Rocky McEwan was the real "Stud Muffin"; our floozy just could not get enough of him.
Rocky did get an opportunity to "show his stuff" while his wife Mary applauders his performance (as did we all)!!!
One of the funniest skits was the RCMP officer who was singing while his girlfriend was having difficulty getting into the canoe and eventually fell out of it without him seeming to care.
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