Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Adventure Caravans / tours by RV to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies in 2008
Day 16 - Travel to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
As we traveled in the morning we kept getting glimpses of the Cassiar mountain range in the distance By late morning we were in the mountains and blessed with increasingly beautiful sights at every turn.
Our first stop was Rancheria Falls. The walk was about 10 minutes along a beautifully constructed elevated walkway. There were two sections of the falls, each one as lovely as the other. This is the upper falls.
And this is the lower falls flowing into a beautiful pool before flowing down the river. These little flowers (about 1/4 inch across) were clinging to the rock face just below the viewing platform.
We learned about the Black Spruce today. It is a coniferous pine, which means it does not lose it's pine cones. They are as strongly attached as a branch on the same limb. Our next stop was at the continental divide. Not very exciting, but we had to stop and take a picture anyway.
There were a number of picturesque little lakes along the way. This is the Nisutlin Bay Bridge at Teslin. It is the longest span bridge on the Alaskan highway at 1,917 ft.
This is one stop on Teslin lake. The lake is 78 miles long and 3 miles wide. Teslin is an Indian name meaning "long narrow water". Many of us stopped at Mukluk Annie's Salmon Bake. It was worth the stop; however the salmon could have been taken off the grill a little sooner. They also had hamburgers so large that most people could not finish.
These extraordinary pictures of a bull moose were taken by Loren Mulkins. It may be a little difficult to see, but the velvet is still on the horns meaning the horns are still growing. Wow, what an enormous animal; the moose not Loren.
We arrived at the next campground in early afternoon. Here Sue Schaaf is standing in front of their coach at their campsite. On a positive side, they will not have anyone looking into their front windows. Sue decided that a "Dust Bowl Social" was in order. We all enjoyed a short stop before heading off to do some shopping. Whitehorse is a larger town with a WalMart and a Canadian Super Store. If a town has those two stores, then it has to be a "larger town".
Today was Charlie Marecle's 77th birthday so we baked him a cake to celebrate this occasion.
Day 17 - Whitehorse, YT
Today many of us opted to take a boat ride though Miles Canyon on the Yukon river. Unfortunately, it was the first rainy day we have had in a week. Most of us stayed below out of the weather.
But a few brave souls stayed on the top deck despite the rain. This is the view of Miles Canyon just as we entered it.
There is one foot bridge about half way through the canyon. This beaver lodge has been here for many years. The amazing thing is it has withstood many ice breakups on the river, but has never been dislodged.
One of the many attractions in town is the Beringia Interpretive Center. It has many displays and movies explaining the evolution of this area and it's inhabitants, Part of the museum is a wonderful metal sculpture.
When you go to either the Beringia or Transportation Museum, you get a discount if you buy tickets for both museums. So, that is what we did. We were surprised at the amount of information and displays in this museum. It is well worth your time to go through it. I just loved all the old pictures with stories of the hearty pioneers in this area.
At 6:00 pm. the Schaafs cooked hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. Of course we all brought a dish to share which provided us with plenty of food. I don't have a picture here, but Frank and Millie cotton brought a Karaoke machine and they sang a number of songs befitting the 4th of July. Millie has a wonderful voice.
You do not want to miss the biggest weather vane we have ever seen. This is an actual Canadian Pacific DC-3 that pivots into the wind. It is next to the Transportation Museum.
Day 18 - Whitehorse, YT
In 1959, the Whitehorse Rapids Fishway was built to help the salmon move past the dam on their way to their spawning grounds. At 1182 feet, the fishway is considered to be the longest wooden fish ladder in the world. The ladder is built in a series of steps that span a rise of 60 feet from the Yukon River to Schwatka Lake. Each step has a vertical baffle that the fish can either jump over, or swim through a submerged opening.
Next we went to visit the Yukon Arts Centre, which was supposed to be open on Saturday, but for some reason it was not open today. There was a path through the woods displaying a number of stone sculptures similar to this one.
We visited downtown Whitehorse to do a little browsing. The downtown area is very well maintained and is a pleasant place to visit. Since we had seen Miles Canyon from the water, we decided to take a look at it from above. It is equally spectacular from this vista.
This is the Robert Lowe suspension bridge across Miles Canyon. It was built in 1922 and dedicated by Governor General Lord Byng. Lowe came to the Yukon in 1899 and had mining interests in Whitehorse Copper belt and a successful cartage business. Robert Lowe became a long serving local and territorial politician.
A tour through the SS Klondike 2 was included in the package from Adventure Caravans. This was one of the river boats that hauled supplies and passengers between Whitehorse and Dawson City. It is beautifully restored. You cannot board the ship except on a guided tour. This helps the boat remain in excellent condition.
Following our "Driver's Meeting" we gathered to car-pool to "The Frantic Follies"; a Gay 90's vaudeville revue. A professional cast of actors, dancers and musicians, recaptured the spirit of the Klondike Gold Rush.
It was made even more enjoyable when our very own Bill Weeks was taken to the stage by a most lovely singer/dancer. Bill, aka, "Pookie", was given the "star treatment" to our considerable enjoyment. The biggest laugh was when his wife, Jackie, stood up to take a photograph and shouted "More evidence for the divorce!"
There were a number of acts switching between the silly skits, musicians, singers and dancers. The Can-Can girls finished the program with a high kicking dance that was enjoyed by everyone.
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